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Hablé con ella


Quiero viajar por tu cuerpo,
navegando de lunar en lunar;
caerme por las dunas de tu pecho
y en tus lágrimas bucear.

Quiero dormirme en tus ojos,
y sumergirme en tus sueños;
tus pestañas las rejas de mi cobijo,
tus párpados mis únicos dueños.

Quiero ser libre para estar encerrado
en tu mano. Tu latido mi reloj, mi guía,
y con cada pulso descubrir que
he llegado donde viajar más me gustaría.

Quiero tumbarme en tu cuerpo:
cada vena un río azul profundo,
y así mismo viviré en mi tierra
fuera de este, y cualquier, mundo.





You speak so sweet in English
to make me understand you
pausing to find the right words
every now and then.

You even try in Hindi
but it’s almost too perfect,
rehearsed so many times in your head
maybe nine…
maybe ten…

Before your raspberry lips release the sentence
that will linger in the air
for hours
that I will devour and hang on to forever
able to recite back to you, I swear,
at any given time.

How your mouth and your tone change
when they shape sugary sounds in Spanish
so familiar to you and yet so distant to me.
And, with a rush of irony
I think how they bring us together,
(as they have done, and as they do) and always will
if I have it my way:
and then suddenly you don’t say


like a mallet hitting the keys of a glockenspiel
you make a melody which
we both recognize,
for darling, your laugh is the same
in any language.



As I unscrew this bottle, with you beside me,
Pouring everything inside it
Inside me,
I’m drowned by thoughts about you –
Thoughts I’ve never felt before.
I guess it’s just because I’m drinking,
But I really can’t stop thinking
About the way we are
And how deep dark down I want you more.

Well maybe it’s the vodka in my veins
Or the Bacardi in my brain,
But I think I’m falling in love again
(And this time it’s with you).

I can’t help telling you how much
I really want to hold you, touch you.
Everything about you is
Like hot rain to me now.
So, my head’s starting to spin, and
As I take you by your hand,
I want to drench myself in your heart
I can’t,
But would if I knew how.

Well maybe it’s the vodka in my veins
Or the Bacardi in my brain,
But I think I’m falling in love again
(And this time it’s with you).

So you make sure I’m okay,
before you sink me, saying you won’t stay
And I foresee
Icey misery
Now I’ll be spending the night alone.
And as you’re slipping out the door,
I leave my bottle on the floor
And dial your dancing numbers
On the telephone

And I say:
“It’s not the vodka in my veins,
Nor the Bacardi in my brain,
I think I’m falling in love again,
Only this time,
I know
It’s true-“.

New Shoes


Funny how shoes are fine in the shop,
funny how later they pinch, and you stop
and think “Why didn’t they do this before?”
New shoes feel nice, on the shop floor.

You don’t dare take them back the next day,
they’re pretty; the agony might go away.
A painful pact with your blistered skin:
“I’m sure that walking will wear them in”.

Then one night they feel just right:
no rubbing no aching, they don’t feel tight,
they’re nothing like the ones you bought;
they’re comfy shoes -who would’ve thought?

Now you hurry down the high street.
Funny how the heels, now part of your feet
stand still at the window of the shoe store.
You don’t love your old shoes anymore.