This year, I have looked up at the milky way and the southern cross, swum in the Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean and Indian oceans and bathed in rivers and waterfalls. I have escaped a cyclone in Australia, and experienced an earthquake in Chile. I have jumped out of a plane from 15,000 feet and dived 33 feet into the sea, on nothing but a single breath. I’ve walked through the dark depths of the Amazon Jungle, and ziplined through Costa Rican rainforest, travelled in rickshaws and rafts, canoes and catamarans. I have slept in hammocks in the Caribbean heat, and in a tent in the mountains at temperatures below zero. I have gasped for breath hiking up volcanoes 5000 metres high, and done the same 15 metres under in an old silver mine. I have found peace in temples, mosques, churches and synagogues, spent time with family abroad, and met the family I never knew.

But after seeing 22 countries in the space of 11 months, I can honestly say…

…there’s no place like home.

New Song

Like a new song, I fell in love with him from the very first beat. I didn’t need to hear more to know what I felt, or what I was going to feel. Before the first moment – to be referred to as such from this moment on – came to an end, I was just sure I would want to (and would) listen to him again and again. Like a new song I’d yearn to hear his words all day whilst doing other things.

And then, like every new song, he’d become old, and make me remember happier times gone by.



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