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Summer’s gone and winter’s come,
No autumn in between.
The cuts and scars you’ve left me with
Now nowhere to be seen:
Enveloped in layers
And layers of lukewarm heat,
But those lovers know, like you know
They simply serve as self-deceit.
Your creeping cold always finds me,
Snaps and slaps my burning skin
So cruel how they lose
So unfair how you win.

Your icy hand holding mine
Chilled kisses on my neck.
You impose on any exposed
Part of me
Leaving my body a shivering wreck.

And I can’t make the cyclone end
I don’t know how it ever begins
So cruel how I lose
So unfair how you win.


Humpty Dumpty


It’s broken in two
It’s because of you
Sex and sadness at 1am
Blood rushing so fast
Just recalling the past
Your touch is my Cardizem

I’m thinking of you
Do you think of me too?
In your mind though out of sight.
Fingers wet like a tear
Knowing you’d live in fear
If I were to die tonight.

Please break me in two,
Like I’m asking you to.
I don’t care if it causes me pain.
So, this poor heart
That you’ve broken apart
Can maybe feel whole again.